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Past and future speculations

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Dark Wing Universe

The Dark Wing Universe in English

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My first published work, this series has been compared to the works of Orson Scott Card, Frank Herbert, David Weber, and J.R.R. Tolkien. While it does not completely encompass the universe in which it is set, the series is complete in four books.


The Dark Wing

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The Dark Wing. Published 2001 (hardcover), 2002 (mass-market paperback); Tor Books.

Humanity faces an implacable enemy driven by their faith to war. The solution to this long conflict rests with a commander who is willing to adopt the enemy's philosophy and approach in the prosecution of that war – no matter what the cost.



The Dark Path

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The Dark Path. Published 2002 (hardcover), 2003 (mass-market paperback); Tor Books.

A veteran commander is placed in the path of an invasion by an unknown enemy, but she is soon placed in an even more difficult position: assumng the role of an alien legendary hero, whose fate is predestined. How far will she go before she steps off the path that has been created for her to follow?



The Dark Ascent

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The Dark Ascent. Published 2003 (hardcover), 2004 (mass-market paperback); Tor Books.

With the Solar Empire's war against the vuhls in full swing, Commodore Laperriere must fight on a different scale and for different stakes. No one is telling the whole truth, and no one has all of the answers – or even all of the questions. The end to both of these conflicts is in the future – which no one can clearly see.



The Dark Crusade

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The Dark Crusade. Published 2004 (hardcover), 2005 (mass-market paperback); Tor Books.

A quarter-century of war against the implacable vuhls has changed the way humanity approaches the conflict, and a new leader appears on the scene to turn it in a different and more frightening direction. The climax of the war leads humans and their allies down paths that reveal the roots of ancient legends, and the truths (and fabrications) that underly them.


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