Walter H. Hunt - Author

Past and future speculations

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This is the part of the site where I tell you about how I was born in a log cabin, walked uphill twenty miles each way to school through the freezing rain in my bare feet, chopped down a cherry tree and admitted it, and flew a kite in a lightning storm. (Perhaps I should quote Lyndon Johnson; when he was asked, "Mr. President, is it true you were born in a log cabin?" replied: "No sir, you have me confused with Abraham Lincoln. I was born in a manger.")

The truth is less exciting, to say the least. I am the youngest of three children; I grew up in Andover, Massachusetts, where I attended public school, graduating from Andover High School in 1977. I attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, and was an exchange student in Munich in 1979-80; that was the year I met my wife Lisa, who was a graduate student in Switzerland at the time. We were married in 1982. Certainly the best decision I ever made; I won't speak for her :-)

I am a baseball fan and a Freemason, and enjoy board games and roleplaying games; between those interests and my family, I have a very busy life. Still, I enjoy writing most of all - there's nothing like doing something you love (and getting paid for it.)

I qualify as a recovering programmer (10 years) and also a recovering technical writer (8 years). Since 2001 I've been writing full time, which has brought some success and even more satisfaction.

Thanks to Mike Benveniste, who took this picture of me at Torcon for the Noreascon 4 gallery.